A Guide to Choosing an Indian Wedding Theme

A Guide to Choosing an Indian Wedding Theme

A Guide to Choosing an Indian Wedding Theme

So many people envision a certain way for their big day. Indian weddings can be especially cumbersome, and lately we’ve seen a trend for themed weddings. It adds extra fun to celebrations and organizing events when you have to follow a theme. But choosing a theme for an Indian wedding requires more planning. Whether it is a seaside wedding or a grand royal wedding banquet, it all begins with choosing a suitable wedding hotel. If you’re considering choosing a theme for your Indian wedding, here’s a guide to everything you need to consider and plan for.


How to choose an Indian wedding theme?

visual events

When choosing a theme for your wedding, don’t just consider one specific function, but consider all events that precede the main wedding function. The bride and groom should sit together and discuss how they want their function to look. Visualize the entire process of a themed wedding and see how you want it to look and feel. When deciding on a theme, always refer to explaining to everyone in the family.

in sync with culture

The best part of an Indian wedding is the cultural differences and various rituals associated with each culture. Whatever theme you choose, make sure it’s in sync with the cultural backgrounds of both families. For example, a Punjabi wedding can have a bright and loud color theme, or a Christian wedding can look beautiful by the sea. But a South Indian wedding ceremony in a haveli style venue might not work well. You need to complement the culture and choose a hotel for your wedding accordingly.

seasons and colors

Another factor to consider with themed weddings is the season and weather. If it’s summer, it might not be wise to have a day event at the beach, as it will be too hot and uncomfortable. On another day, when the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming, it is natural and pleasant to get married on the mountain. You can explore some of the best wedding resorts in India to hold your wedding on the hills. If you keep the color theme, also consider the weather in your chosen location.

Consider comfort and availability

While the possibilities are endless when it comes to planning your wedding theme, prioritize the comfort and feasibility of executing everything seamlessly. You may want a baraat entrance, different venues for different functions, different decorating styles and food menus, but consider whether all of this can be achieved within a single location.


If you book the best wedding resorts in India, you will have multiple venues within the same hotel. Jaypee Hotels is one such luxury hotel with branches all over India that can be considered as a hotel for weddings. They have multiple indoor and outdoor ballrooms, ballrooms and lush gardens that can be transformed into the perfect venue for themed weddings. A special team is dedicated to wedding events and can cater to all your needs and visions for the wedding of your dreams.


The most important aspect of planning a themed wedding is creating a budget. Obviously, themed weddings cost a bit more because everything from the costumes to the decorations has to be planned to a tee. If you want specific types of flower arrangements, coordinating decorations, special entries, etc., there is a price to pay. It’s best to start planning with a budget in mind and then estimate everything.

popular wedding themes

There are some themed weddings suitable for Indian wedding ceremonies and styles of ceremony. Here are some popular wedding themes you can explore:

fairy tale princess wedding

Dress up your prince charming as a princess and create your favorite moments. While it’s a clichéd choice, it will add a touch of romance to all your functions.

palace wedding

Get married in a palace and live a day like a queen. Grandeur and glamor oozes as you decorate from head to toe and enjoy every ounce of royal touches, if only for a few days.

bollywood theme

The Bollywood industry has become an integral part of Indian weddings through its music and dance. So organizing a Bollywood-themed wedding is also fun. You can have your guests dress up as certain characters or impersonate their favorite actors. Bride and groom can recreate their favorite celebrity couple’s wedding look.

beach wedding

Blend fun and elegance with a beachside wedding. Party props, poolside cocktails, light decorations, and floral sets against a backdrop of a blue horizon, can you imagine?

simple warm wedding

Don’t want all the fuss and just want a simple wedding? That’s perfectly fine too! You can hold a small, intimate wedding ceremony in the hotel’s ballroom. This has become very common in the year of the pandemic.

Jaypee Hotels: Beautiful Venues for the Wedding of Your Dreams

Having the help or assistance of an expert team to arrange it can make a themed wedding so seamless. You need to identify a wedding venue first so you can find a wedding planner in the area. But if you want a complete package that includes the venue itself, we recommend Jaypee Hotels, one of the best wedding resorts in India. They own a collection of luxury hotels in Agra, Delhi NCR, Noida and Mussoorie. And no matter which hotel you choose, a team of experts will assist you with your wedding arrangements.

Their wedding hotel has a choice of open lawns, royal banquet halls, indoor ballrooms and poolside areas to host your wedding reception. The in-house restaurant can help you customize the menu to your liking. Equipped with more than 100 rooms and luxurious facilities, all guests will be taken care of.

For a wedding on the hills, you can consider Jaypee Residency Manor in Mussoorie, or if you want a royal wedding, Jaypee Palace Hotel in Agra is suitable. For an atmosphere of high-end luxury, look no further than Jaypee Greens Golf Resort & Spa. You can take a virtual visit to these venues on their website and check out the latest pictures of how these places have transformed into beautiful wedding venues in Greater Noida.

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