Benefits Of Mobile Applications For E-COMMERCE

Benefits Of Mobile Applications For E-COMMERCE



Mobile phone applications have become indispensable for any Internet user over the last decade, as mobile phone applications provide the ability to perform many daily tasks with minimal effort and within seconds to a few minutes such as online shopping, browsing and requesting desired services such as maintenance services, searching for And request meals, transfer and receive money, follow all the operations of your business.

Mobile applications achieve many goals for companies and commercial activities, the most important of which are:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Provide a cost-effective and results-effective marketing channel
  • Brand growth in terms of number of customers, sales volume and profits
  • Providing effective personal communication channels and solutions aimed at increasing customer trust and loyalty

Online shopping activities account for more than 54% of people’s use of mobile applications. Regarding online shopping, 89% of customers prefer to use mobile applications related to e-commerce activities over e-commerce sites, with the increase in the percentage of e-commerce sales from Mobile phones generally reach 40%, as these applications provide the best possible browsing and interaction experience with the products of your online store, as you will not have to leave your home and incur the costs and trouble of moving and searching in different branches and stores to find the most suitable product for your personal or commercial needs.

If you own a business and aim to expand and take advantage of the endless opportunities available through e-commerce or your full focus on e-commerce, it is necessary to start investing in various e-commerce solutions (E-commerce Solutions)  by developing and creating an e-commerce site and developing your own mobile application With your commercial activity to provide. 

Benefits of mobile applications for e-commerce

Your financial resources, time and effort must be carefully invested to avoid wasting time, effort and money on commercial solutions that will not achieve the desired purpose. Therefore, we will discuss the multiple benefits of using mobile applications in the field of e-commerce so that you can determine whether the mobile application is The most suitable right now to achieve your business goals or postpone the investment in developing and launching an official mobile application to another stage.

The most important benefits and advantages of mobile applications for e-commerce include:

Business growth

Through mobile applications, your online store will be available to existing and potential customers 24 hours a day in various countries and geographic locations that are available for downloading the mobile application for your business, and they can at any time and from anywhere search for and browse the various available products and complete purchases and payments within seconds to few minutes.

The presence of your official mobile application on the mobile phones of current and potential customers is a unique opportunity to increase interaction with your business and increase awareness of everything you offer through the content of the application, including modern and accurate information regarding available products, push notifications about products and temporary offers that can be During which it replaces annoying ads that reduce customer interest in its products and services, as the content of notifications can be known without the need to launch the application.


The advantages and effective shopping solutions provided by mobile applications will contribute to the growth of business activity by attracting the largest number of potential customers, increasing sales volume, increasing customer interaction and loyalty with the brand, while achieving a higher return on investments made to develop, launch and market the official mobile application for your online store.

Having an integrated marketing channel

All traditional and digital marketing means and solutions via the Internet aim to reach targeted customers and increase the interaction of potential customers with the products and services provided by companies and commercial activities. Other marketing channels and campaigns where through the mobile app you can achieve all of the following:

  • Reaching as many target customer groups as possible
  • Obtaining potential customer data such as email and personal social media accounts
  • Display your online store products in a unique and interactive way
  • Promote new products, temporary offers and discounts
  • Communicate with customers personally with minimal effort and within the shortest possible period of time
  • Analyze customer interaction with application content and available products in order to develop marketing campaigns
  • Comply with marketing campaigns and other marketing channels through in-app notifications and ads

Launch effective advertising campaigns

Mobile applications provide the opportunity to obtain personal data for current and potential customers when downloading and installing the application on their mobile phones after logging in to the application, including (name – contact numbers – email – geographical location – social media accounts that have been logged in).

The use of accurate and reliable statistics, performance analysis, and interaction platforms such as Google Analytics and Firebase enables  you to analyze and follow up the interaction of application users in terms of the number of visits, the duration of browsing the application, the product pages that received the most visits, the geographical location of application users, and the devices used to operate the application.

Through the available personal data, interaction statistics and analytics, you can develop and launch effective customized advertising campaigns targeting potential customers with the aim of increasing customer interaction with the application and available products and returning to the use of the abandoned shopping cart through advertising and marketing campaigns that suit customers and current shopping seasons within the application or on other platforms such as:

  • Social media ads (Social Media)
  • Search Engine Advertising (SEM)
  • YouTube ads and websites (Google Display Ads)
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • SMS marketing campaigns

Increase customer confidence and loyalty

Providing effective personal communication solutions such as in-app messaging and Inquiry Forms, in addition to having numbers and an official email for communication mentioned in the content of the application, provides a real opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and confidence in dealing with your online store after providing professional and effective customer service solutions.


Various secure payment solutions are the second step to reach the trust and loyalty of customers by providing payment solutions that are popular in geographic areas for potential customers such as Master Cards, Paypal, Payoneer and other safe and popular payment solutions among potential customers while securing purchases through Two-Factor Authentication to ensure Application user ID.


Loyalty Reward Programs have proven effective in increasing customer loyalty and interaction with e-commerce activities by encouraging and rewarding interactive customers with cumulative points that are used to obtain a discount on the value of future product purchases when using the application and completing product purchases.

The basic characteristics (in-App Features) for the success of mobile applications

Mobile applications will not be able to achieve all the desired goals without including basic characteristics (in-App Features) that are compatible with the attractive application design to provide the best possible browsing and interaction experience (User Experience) that contributes to encouraging potential customers to start and continue using the official mobile application of your online store.

The most essential characteristics for the success of mobile applications for e-commerce:

  • Register in the application through simple steps or using social media accounts (Social Media APIs) or through personal email
  • Ensuring the identity of the application user through effective security methods such as Two-Factor Authentication and ensuring personal data is secure
  • Using push notifications to promote products, temporary offers and discounts in an effective and unobtrusive manner
  • Facilitate browsing the content of the application from product pages by providing advanced search solutions to search within certain price limits or for products of a specific brand (Advanced Search Filters). tablets) and offer suggested products based on customer preferences
  • Adding the possibility of Voice Search to access the desired products and classifications effortlessly and at full speed
  • Complete product purchases in just a few steps with Popular Secure Payment Gateways
  • Providing solutions for tracking purchase orders, shipping and product delivery (Order Tracking)
  • Determine the terms and time period during which the product is allowed to be returned and the cash value paid back
  • Providing accurate and detailed information about the specifications of each product, the current price, stock, shipping period and costs, the expiry date of discounts and marketing offers
  • The possibility of sharing personal preferences in the Shopping Cart on social networking sites and displaying them through the application to encourage potential customers to browse and purchase products
  • Having effective professional personal communication solutions such as in-app messaging and call buttons
  • Providing virtual reality solutions (AR & VR) with the aim of providing the ability to browse and try products in virtual reality to increase satisfaction with the product before purchasing it
  • Provide a promotional video for each product that shows the main advantages of each product and the optimal use of each product to maximize the benefit and characteristics of mobile applications to the needs and objectives of your e-commerce activity, and what are the main and appropriate characteristics that you will request to be provided by the technology solutions company selected for the task of developing and launching the official mobile application for your online store.


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