New Year’s celebration ideas with friends and family

New Year's celebration ideas with friends and family


When is New Year’s Day

The Christmas year begins with the feast known as the Epiphany, and it comes on the sixth of January, and the manifestations of celebration begin on the night of December 25, and Christians celebrate this feast on New Year’s Eve, and there are books that say that these celebrations began with the birth of Christ, peace be upon him, about 2000 years ago, and there are other books confirming There are also celebrations before the birth of Christ, peace be upon him.

The past year ends with all its attitudes and lessons for people, whether happy or sad, and the new year begins full of wishes and dreams that we hope to achieve every day, and all of this can be expressed in these words:

New Year’s celebration ideas 

New Year’s Eve is approaching and the search for ideas for Christmas and New Year 2023 is increasing with it. Despite the New Year’s celebrations that take place around the world with fireworks and firecrackers and entertainment shows, many friends prefer to celebrate New Year ‘s at home. In order to reduce expenses, especially with the high prices of celebration venues on this particular day, in addition to the fact that home celebrations enjoy a great deal of freedom, freedom, and innovation in different ways that may not exist outside the home. Party designer Adam Afara presents ideas for Christmas and New Year 2023 through a set of the following proposals:

Ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends

Decorations can be purchased with ease, as well as candles, balloons, and the Christmas tree that are placed in the corners of the house to give it an atmosphere of joy related to New Year’s celebrations.

  • Putting 2023 on the door of the house. Putting 2023 with colored numbers and decorated shapes on the outer door of the house. Roses can also be placed on the sides of the door and a bell can be hung in the middle, which gives a form expressive of New Year’s celebrations to all guests and visitors present on this occasion inside your home.
  • The walls of the rooms can be decorated with cheerful tableaus, or with memorial photos of the family. They can also be decorated with helium balloons for the numbers 2023, pictures of Santa Claus and other ideas.
  • Decorating the floor of the house with red carpets on the floor of the house inside the rooms to give a sense of Christmas celebrations.
  • Create a network around the overhead fan or chandelier the lighting in the room with cloth, for example, and place a large number of balloons in it, and at midnight, “pop” the balloons with the participation of friends.

Documenting New Year’s celebrations

After decorating the house in all its parts in preparation for holding New Year’s celebrations inside the house, do not forget to take memorial photos that document the feelings of happiness between family members and their guests, so that it is a beautiful memory that can be seen in the future and exchanged conversation and laughter with friends.

Group games

Among the ideas for Christmas and New Year 2023, we recommend that you buy group games and enjoy them with guests inside the house, where chess, backgammon, snakes and ladders, fortune bank, billiards, karaoke, and other games that can spend the most beautiful times in their practice.

For the girls renewal in your appearance

Tonight, make sure by doing a new haircut or changing its color, to renew your appearance.

Preparing New Year’s food

The housewife can prepare New Year’s meals from delicious banquets before the start of the celebration, and the presence of guests from family and friends, but among the ideas for Christmas and New Year 2023 that we present to you is the need to decorate the year’s table and put food on it in a distinctive way, with red candles, drinks, appetizers, pastries and head candy Delicious year.

Music Band

It is okay to bring a band to the New Year’s celebrations 2023 at home, as family and friends interact with it, so that tonight is a fun evening in which favorite songs are played, especially the Christmas song.

Wish cards

Wish cards that are distributed to the family and guests on this night to write down their goals and wishes for the new year.


Gifts can be brought to guests and attendees of the 2023 New Year celebrations, and among possible gift ideas are silver accessories, tickets for a one-day trip, tickets for Nile cruises, a ticket for a massage session. 

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