Put in your request online from Worldwide Fish

Put in your request online from Worldwide Fish

Put in your request online from Worldwide Fish


Put in your request online from Worldwide Fish

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Fish and Fisheries Extraordinary Issue Proposition

The Editors invite proposition for Visitor Altered Unique Issues in a joint effort with one of the Taking care of Editors of Fish and Fisheries (FAF).

We welcome recommendations that basically audit and orchestrate subjects of worldwide significance for fish science, biology and advancement as well as fisheries and hydroponics, and explicitly those that advance interdisciplinary methodologies. We intend to distribute specifically just Unique issues that are forefront, durable and of logical greatness that altogether advance the field and are probably going to be alluring to our wide readership. Exceptional Issues commonly have among 7 to 10 articles, which are presented by an extensive early on paper that sums up the commitments.

Keeping these rules, we welcome potential Visitor Editors to finish an Exceptional Issue proposition which will be evaluated basically by individuals from the FAF publication board and perhaps outside commentators. The result of the survey can be a solicitation for change, trailed by additional audit, or a dismissal of the proposition.

Significant viewpoints to consider while fostering the Exceptional Issue are:

We especially welcome interdisciplinary commitments to coordinate among subdisciplines of fish, fisheries and hydroponics science.

We anticipate that the Exceptional Issue should lead new advancements in the field and be manufactured. A bunch of simply story surveys will far-fetched meet our goal. All things considered, we anticipate thorough unions and additionally integrative expositions, normally sets of papers having both article types in mix.

The papers in the Unique Issue should expand a typical subject, yet be independent commitments, keeping away from huge cross-over.

The creators/co-creators of the Unique Issue ought to, where conceivable, incorporate a blend of orientation characters, vocation organizes and incorporate a variety of creators according to alternate points of view, mainlands and nations.

Regularly, gathering procedures won’t be thought of, except if a rational subject is proposed on a bound together point, which concurs with the above goals.

Visitor Editors are permitted to just be a first or senior creator on one paper other than the Presentation and be a co-creator on a limit of another paper.

Preferably, Visitor Editors include a group of 2-3 individuals with skill to cover all region of the subject and incorporate, where conceivable, a blend of orientation characters, profession stages and worldwide variety. The vital model for qualifying as Visitor Supervisor is, be that as it may, logical greatness.

Visitor Editors will be liable for choosing and welcoming analysts, and making publication suggestions in view of audits. Official conclusions on papers will be taken by Dealing with Editors after peer survey and upon proposal by Visitor Editors.

Proposition for Extraordinary Issues should incorporate the accompanying subtleties. Pre-accommodation requests having adequate data to give a first evaluation can be shipped off one of the Dealing with Editors. The choice on the separate Dealing with Manager is chosen autonomously of the last proposition, which will be peer-checked on. Hence, pre-accommodation requests don’t ensure acknowledgment of the proposition.


The proposition to be submitted online should include:

Title of the Exceptional Issue.

Visitor Supervisor names and affiliations.

An assertion exhibiting understanding of proposed creators.

A 200 word rundown of the substance of the Extraordinary Issue.

A maximum. 500 word explanation of why the Unique Issue is ideal, novel and liable to fundamentally propel the field and inside dispatch of Fish and Fisheries.

A maximum. 300 word proclamation of the probable effect of the Exceptional Issue and the proposed ways of creating this effect.

An outline of why the Visitor Editors are reasonable to lead the Unique Issue. In the event that orientation equality and worldwide variety can’t be accomplished, kindly make sense of why.

A proposed rundown of subjects and creator names (with affiliations) of every commitment recommended to be essential for the Exceptional Issue.

A proposed course of events and some other data on which the Unique Issue is based (e.g., studio, discussion, commemoration).

A measurable outline of the variety parts of the recommended creators (vocation stage, mainlands, orientation).

For Unique Issues taken forward by the diary, all entries are liable to peer survey and are not ensured acknowledgment by the diary. In the event that during the time spent peer survey the quantity of acknowledged papers is viewed as excessively low for supporting an independent extraordinary issue, the acknowledged papers will be coordinated into running issues of the diary. All things considered, any basic paper intended to present an extraordinary issue won’t be distributed. Proposed word cutoff points of explicit kind of papers (unique article or GHOTI commitments) should be regarded.


Kindly present your proposition by means of the web-based structure here. For any inquiries, if it’s not too much trouble, contact the Article Office at smh.faf@gmail.com.

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