The benefits of onions .. More than 20 amazing benefits of onions that you did not know before

The benefits of onions .. More than 20 amazing benefits of onions that you did not know before

Onions are the most important and second agricultural crop after tomatoes. As the benefits and uses of onions are not considered, whether in terms of its effective properties as a treatment for many diseases, or as an essential ingredient in most foods, and even that there are foods that cannot be prepared without it.

The ways in consuming onions also vary; It can be used raw, dried, fried, or added to soups, salads, etc. There are also many types of onions; It is red, white, yellow, and each type has a distinct flavor from the other.

Because many people do not realize the importance of onions and its countless benefits; We have chosen to put in your hands, dear reader, the most important benefits of this plant.


Health benefits of onions

Despite the benefits of onions as an ingredient added to most foods; To give it a distinctive and irreplaceable taste, and most meals need onions as a basic ingredient, whether it is fresh or dry onions, but its health benefits are also innumerable.

It contributes to the treatment of cancer, heart disease, digestion , diabetes , and hair problems , in addition to sexual and skin problems . It is also rich in vitamin C, which strengthens immunity , and chromium, which regulates blood sugar . Below, we will explain the benefits of onions in treating some diseases in detail:

The benefits of onions for cancer

Onions contain a substance called quercetin, which is of great importance in the treatment of cancer, and its slices contain sulfates that help limit the growth of some types of tumors, and green onions contain vitamin A, which helps mitigate the side effects of cancer treatments.

Studies conducted on some residents of countries that consume onions and garlic a lot (such as Greece) have shown that it reduces, in significant proportions, the incidence of various types of cancer.

The benefits of onions for the immune system

Onions contain antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and reduce the release of histamine, which is the main cause of allergies.

The benefits of onions for the heart

Studies confirm that the sulfur contained in onions acts as anticoagulants, and also helps to reduce the level of triglycerides and cholesterol, which reduces the occurrence of clots, as well as increasing the efficiency of red blood cells, and it has also been scientifically proven that eating onions continuously works to protect heart health from The occurrence of heart attacks.

The benefits of onions for pressure

Studies have shown that eating onions, whether cooked or raw, contributes to the balance of blood pressure, and also works to prevent clots from forming, and reduces blood fats in general.

The benefits of onions as an anti-inflammatory

Onions act as an anti-inflammatory for the bones or bronchial tubes, and they contain antioxidants that prevent the oxidation of fatty acids that cause inflammation.

 Benefits of onions for hemorrhoids

Onions rid the intestines and colon of the bacterial infection that occurs inside them, and thus it works to get rid of hemorrhoid problems, which are one of the causes of bacterial infection.

Benefits of onions for diabetics

Onions regulate the level of sugar in the body; Because it contains fiber, potassium, iron and vitamins necessary for this, it also contains chromium and sulfur, which play their role in increasing the secretion of insulin in the blood.

In addition to containing a small percentage of calories and carbohydrates; Therefore, it is recommended to eat it daily, either inside the soup or raw alongside the food or in the salad. To increase calorie burning and reduce weight , which is especially desirable for diabetics.

 benefits that will make you eat onions every day

The benefits of onions for sex

Onion is one of the best natural sexual stimulants after garlic. It helps increase arousal in men and works to increase testosterone secretion, and eating it fried in oil in the morning with honey is one of the best sexual stimulants, and it also gives the man’s penis good health and strength.

The benefits of onions for colds

The World Health Organization recommends eating onions on a daily basis. Due to its effective role in liquefying mucus from the nose and pharynx, and relieving the symptoms of influenza, such as coughing and infections of the sinuses and respiratory tract.

Various benefits of onions that you did not know before


  • Onions can be called a natural antibiotic. It is antimicrobial, gas repellent, and intestinal disinfectant.
  • Antipyretic caused by fever if used as compresses on the forehead.
  • Helps reduce and stop nosebleeds when inhaled.
  • It helps to sleep regularly without insomnia or disturbance when taken on a daily basis.
  • It improves the functioning of the digestive system and increases the secretion of gastric juices, which reduces the chances of stomach ulcers.
  • When taken daily, it protects you from atherosclerosis and osteoporosis .
  • It helps you get rid of dark spots on the skin when mixed with turmeric and used as a skin mask.
  • Strengthens memory and reduces chances of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • It protects against sudden high blood pressure and reduces fatty deposits in the arteries, thus greatly reducing the incidence of blood clots.
  • It prevents the spread of cancer cells and protects against several cancers, such as: oral, gum , breast, colon , prostate, and uterine cancer.
  • It reduces the occurrence of convulsions, especially in children with epilepsy, and reduces the rise in body temperature, which in turn causes convulsions.
  • Onions reduce the pain, swelling, and redness of insect bites by placing them directly on the site of the injury. due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


Our conversation about the important and great benefits of onions for human health, and its daily uses in various foods, does not end. What we have mentioned is a few of the many benefits of this amazing plant.

These were some of the tips tested by many; Where onions are used as a treatment for many of the diseases that have been mentioned. And as a form of prevention from contracting some diseases as well, and there is no objection to consulting a specialist doctor when exposed to any disease, God forbid.

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