The most important health benefits of garlic

The most important health benefits of garlic

The benefits of garlic are countless, and that is why you find it in all kitchens around the world. Learn with us the most important of these different benefits.


Health benefits of garlic

There are many health benefits of garlic, the most prominent of which are:

1. Lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure

Eating garlic on a regular basis may reduce cholesterol levels in the blood by equalizing the ratio between good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL). In addition, it was found that eating garlic on a regular basis may contribute to lowering  blood pressure.  thus it prevents the occurrence of heart disease and stroke.

2. Reducing blood clots

Blood clots may lead   to clogging of the arteries, thus stopping blood flow to the body’s tissues and various organs, as the danger of these conditions lies in the fact that they may lead to a stroke or  heart attack , but eating garlic can increase the production of nitric oxide in the blood vessels, which helps to expand them. As a result, garlic has the advantage of dissolving blood clots.

3. Fighting infectious diseases

Garlic has been used for thousands of years as a protector and healer for many health problems, as garlic contains sulfur compounds, vitamin C, vitamin B6, selenium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and other substances known for their ability to fight many types of germs, viruses, and even infections. innate.

With this, it was introduced into the creation and manufacture of many ointments and drops intended for external treatment of fungi and ear infections.

4. Treating the common cold

It was recently found that people who had a cold and ate little garlic recovered more quickly than people who had a cold and did not take garlic and garlic supplements.

5. Cancer prevention

Garlic contains antioxidants and other properties that strengthen the immune system in the body, and even reduce the risk of  colon cancer, stomach cancer, and pancreatic cancer. Garlic supplements may also prevent the development of cancer cells in people whose family members have previously suffered from breast cancer and prostate cancer. , and throat cancer.

6. Fighting worms and parasites

One of the benefits of garlic is its ability to fight many types of parasites, especially  intestinal parasites  and worms.

7. Reducing symptoms of diabetes

Garlic may improve many symptoms and complications associated with diabetes, such as: kidney problems, or the nervous system, and retina problems. Eating garlic may also reduce levels of sugar, cholesterol and fats in the blood, which greatly helps diabetics.

8. Other benefits

They include:

  • Improve athletic performance and resistance to fatigue.
  • Protecting the body’s organs from damage from heavy metal toxicity.
  • Fighting arthritis.
  • Strengthening the immune system.
  • Fighting anxiety and stress.
  • Purify the blood and improve the health of the lungs.
  • Prevention of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Benefits of garlic for pregnant women

As for the benefits of garlic for pregnant women, they include:

  • Improving blood circulation for pregnant women:  In addition to lowering blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels, this is important for the safety of pregnancy for the mother and the fetus together, even after childbirth.
  • Increase in the weight of children at birth:  Garlic helps in increasing the weight of children at birth, especially those who were expected to be born with a low weight.
  • Reducing the risk of preeclampsia:  Eating garlic during pregnancy can reduce the risk of  preeclampsia,  which causes high blood pressure and protein in the urine.
  • Treatment of vaginal infections:  including yeast hypersensitivity syndrome and chronic candidiasis.

But as with any natural preparation or supplement, you should talk to your doctor before using garlic for therapeutic purposes during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Benefits of garlic for hair

Garlic improves hair growth when used as a topical preparation, and also helps fight hair loss. Garlic also contains many nutrients necessary for hair and general health, including:

  • Sulfur:  It is involved in building many proteins, including keratin that hair is made of. It is said to be beneficial for the skin, nails and nerves, and can be used as a treatment to fight psoriasis  and eczema.
  • Selenium: Selenium in garlic works with vitamin E to improve hair health, as it enhances the body’s ability to use this vitamin to destroy free radicals that damage cell membranes.
  • B vitamins and vitamin C:  Garlic is an important source of these vitamins that are important for hair health, as vitamin C prevents hair breakage and helps promote collagen production  , and a lack of vitamin B6 may lead to hair loss.
  • Minerals : found in garlic helps to get healthy hair, elements such as calcium, copper, iron, and manganese play a role in building and growing hair and skin cells, and protect hair from damage.

Therapeutic benefits of garlic

In addition, the therapeutic benefits of garlic may include:

  • Diet:  Allicin, the active substance in garlic, may contribute to weight loss.
  • Kidney health: Garlic is known as a diuretic, and it can even contribute to dissolving kidney stones .
  • Respiratory System: Garlic may remove phlegm and ease an annoying cough.
  • Skin health: Garlic juice may help heal wounds and infectious skin infections with topical treatment.
  • Gynecology: Garlic relieves menstrual pain and may treat infectious vaginal infections.

What is the recommended amount of garlic to eat?

The amount of garlic recommended to be eaten daily is related to the person’s weight, as it differs from one person to another, and it is generally recommended to eat one or two cloves of garlic daily, and it is not recommended to eat garlic on an empty stomach; Because it may stimulate stomach juices; Which causes stomach ulcers a feeling of discomfort.

It is also recommended to eat fresh garlic as much as possible, because garlic, after about an hour of peeling it, loses many of the active substances present in it, and it should be noted that the occurrence of such or other things to garlic can weaken its antibacterial effectiveness, and therefore it is recommended to eat raw garlic.

Garlic damage

After learning about the most prominent benefits of garlic, it is necessary to address its harms, as garlic is generally considered safe when consumed in the quantities used in foods, but it may cause some side effects, including:

  • Bad breath and body odor.
  • heartburn
  • Stomach disorders.
  • Increased risk of bleeding if taking some anticoagulants such as warfarin.
  • Interfering with the effectiveness of some medications.


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