What is healthy nutrition and its benefits?

What is healthy nutrition and its benefits?

We know that healthy nutrition means that we eat healthy food and a variety of foods, and that it is full of important nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, fats, and other elements in order to maintain the human body’s systems, weight continuously, strength and health of the body, reduce foods that contain calories, and drink sufficient quantities. of water because it helps to reduce weight. Healthy nutrition is not enough to keep away from diseases, and in order to get healthy nutrition, the body should stay away from disease.


Benefits of healthy food:

Healthy food is to keep away from the danger of chemicals that are used in unhealthy foods, as the introduction of chemicals to the human body infects the body with many diseases such as cancer. Blood has many symptoms such as permanent fatigue and severe weakness, and this disease can spread throughout the body, such as the heart. And liver, digestive system, lungs, reproductive system, and other diseases.

  • A healthy food system is one of the most important healthy habits that must be followed due to the categories that can be obtained as a result of interest in healthy food.
  • Maintaining a moderate blood sugar level as a result of avoiding simple sugars and sweets.
  • Maintaining a moderate body mass as a result of staying away from fats that cause obesity
  • Protecting the body from spreading cancers resulting from eating animal proteins and fats.
  • Maintaining the integrity of the immune and digestive systems as a result of avoiding some harmful substances such as alcohol, caffeine and fried foods.
  • Facilitating the functioning of the digestive system in the human body due to articles, regular and moderate intake of foods, and multiple and varied meals per day.
  • Relaxing the digestive system and improving its performance.
  • Control and maintain blood pressure within normal limits.

Healthy food guidelines:

  • Eat only one type of food and eat enough water, fresh fruits and vegetables, and dates.
  • Stay away from unhealthy materials, salty and smoked materials, as diseases such as blood cancer can be transmitted from it, and because leukemia is one of the difficult diseases that cause human death, and this disease is contagious and can be transmitted from one person to another, and it occurs in the sexual and physical cells present in the body and begins By forming in white blood cells, and the symptoms of leukemia vary, such as difficulty breathing, inability to walk, fever, bleeding, bruises, bone infections, chills, and you will find many types of cancer such as breast, testicular, blood, skin, gland, and others.
  • And we should eat healthy food and a variety of foods regularly and eat fiber constantly because it gives the body energy for the body to help it move.
  • Stay away as much as possible from fried and fried foods, and keep eating milk and its products in a large proportion and of high quality, so that you can get good health.
  • Reducing, as much as possible, eating sugars, sweets, grilled foods, citrus fruits, and eating carbohydrates, and making them the basis of nutrition in foods. 

Healthy nutrition for children:

It means that the child gets all the important nutrients that the body needs to perform all the vital functions, including the growth process, and this is very important for the children’s lives, and that the child should practice many exercises such as going to school or studying and simple sports in order to obtain the sufficient nutrients to carry out the vital functions And the growth process that the human body needs.

Proper nutrition for children:

What is meant here is the interest in the immune system, because proper nutrition is the main pillar for strengthening the immune system, and it affects the physical and mental activity of the body and the immunization of the school child. We learn about an important type of proper nutrition, which is:

The food pyramid: It is all the foods that we eat and is divided into four basic groups, which are starches, proteins, fresh vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. 

Healthy food:

 We know that healthy food does not have a unified concept, but rather it is all nutrients, minerals, and materials that the human body needs and that it is the main food from several important food groups, which are proteins, sugars, fats, vitamins, fats, and water, in the human body from many serious diseases and feel the healing process A sick person, many diseases need good nutrition as a kind of natural treatment. For example, doctors with diseases such as colds and influenza advise that you can eat a lot of fruits full of vitamins because they strengthen the immunity of the body’s systems and because vitamins are very important to human life and they can be obtained everyday through foods And things, natural sources, and vitamins make the body healthy and strengthen the muscles, joints, and bones of the body and work to perform the functions of the body continuously and good for human health. When vitamins are deficient, this greatly affects all systems throughout the body and can cause a lot of difficult diseases that lead to death, and we learn about the types of vitamins throughout the human body. Self-nutrition is the scientific study of food and the different ways that different organisms feed.

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